4-12-1 Nakanarusawa-cho
Hitachi-shi, 316-8511 JAPAN

FAX: +81(294)38-5111


The Department of Media and Telecommunications Engineering was established in 1996. The aim of our department is promoting advanced information and communication technologies that deal with such rich contents as movies and music.
The approach to the research area is interdisciplinary. We cover a wide range of component technologies for modern communication systems. Our specialties are categorized into the following three research areas:

  1. Communication technologies which are directly used to design communication systems.
  2. Applied physics which is the basis of electronics.
  3. Mathematical sciences which are applicable to human-computer interaction.

More specifically, we have a special interest in optical communication, wireless communication, applied physics concerning optics, lasers, and semiconductor devices, electronic circuits, soft computing, and so on.

The curriculum of our department contains the following main subjects related to the above research areas:

  1. Fundamental subjects (e.g. mathematics, electromagnetism, electric circuit, electronic circuit, and electronics).
  2. Special subjects (e.g. optical communication, wireless communication, computer networks, semiconductor devices, lasers, sensing, image processing, human-computer interaction, and bio-inspired computing).
  3. Experimental subjects (e.g. measurement and design of electronic circuits, design of computer networks, and programming).

The formal titles of subjects can be found on this page.

Through our curriculum, students can acquire comprehensive knowledge on communication systems and develop their skills on designing computer hardware and software.