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4-12-1 Nakanarusawa-cho
Hitachi-shi, 316-8511 JAPAN

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Tsuji Laboratory

Ryusuke Tsuji

Under construction.

Optical Information Physics Engineering Research Laboratory (OIPER Lab.)

Katsuhiro Uno

Optical Wave Control with Diffraction and Scattering for Imaging and Image Information Processing Technology.

Fluctuation and Noise Engineering Laboratory

Hideo Akabane

Analysis of fluctuation and noise in nano-scale device.
Application of fluctuation.

Media and Interfaces Laboratory

Mitsuhiro Yamada

Under construction.

Human Information Science Laboratory

Hirofumi Yanai

Our lab aims at understanding unconscious aspects of human behavior and cognition, and applying results thus obtained to computerized systems like automatic deceit recognizer.
To put it differently, our subjects include studies of nonverbal communications of humans from the viewpoints of information sciences and human factors. Tools for our studies are brain informatics, neural networks, image processing, or psychological experiments.

Electromagnetic Wave System Laboratory

Shigeki Takeda

Our research interests are focused on antennas for mobile terminals and base stations, MIMO antenna systems, adaptive array antennas, RFID systems, and other related systems of electromagnetic wave.

Computational Intelligence Systems Laboratory

Kiyohiko Uehara

Computational intelligence, including fuzzy systems theory, granular computing, evolutionary computation, and neural networks.

New Functional Materials Laboratory

Takashi Komine

The target of the new functional materials laboratory is to develop the new functional materials which can realize the low power consumption devices and the energy harvesting technology.

Circuits and Signal Processing Laboratory

Kosuke Tsukamoto

Research Themes
・Applications of analog/digital signal processing
・A/D, D/A converters
・Map matching methods for car navigation systems

Optical Transmisssion Network Laboratory

Akira Naka

Our research target is to develop large-capacity and high-reliability transmission technologies applied to optical communication systems, which play an important role as a backbone of the information and communication network.

Laser Engineering Laboratory

Shinki Nakamura

The laboratory's research subjects include Nonlinear Fiber Optics, Diode-pumped solid state lasers (DPSSL), Measurement of temporal and spectral characteristics of ultrashort laser pulses, Phase compensation technique using the spatial liquid crystal phase modulator (SLM), Generation of ultrashort or ultrabroadband laser pulses, Finite difference time domain (FDTD) calculation for ultrashort light pulse propagation, and, ultrashort pulsed fiber lasers.


Wireless Network Laboratory

Masahiro Umehira

Xiaoyan Wang

The research target of the wireless network laboratory is to develop the advanced wireless technologies required to realize the ubiquitous wireless networks where anyone can connect to the networks anytime and anywhere.
The current research projects include:
  1. Broadband wireless access techniques to achieve over 1Gbit/s in mobile environments,
    e.g. 60GHz MIMO and frequency domain equalization techniques, advanced OFDMA techniques
  2. Cognitive radio technologies to achieve highly efficient frequency utilization
    as well as high energy efficiency for wireless networking,
    e.g. dynamic spectrum/channel access and spectrum sensing techniques,
    advanced networking for wireless LAN using adaptive directional antenna
  3. Advanced frequency sharing techniques for Satellite/Terrestrial Integrated Mobile Communications Systems (STICS)
  4. Ubiquitous sensor networking and wireless sensors

Dependable Computing Laboratory

Yoshihisa Desaki

Our research target is to design dependable and secure computer systems that contain easy-to-use instruments for the well-being of elderly and handicapped people.

Applied Synergetics Group

Atsushi Minato

Development and application of E-learning system, computer simulation of information propagation in society, simulation of propagation of soliton, measurement of biometrical data of human, simple measurement system using microcomputer, and development of visible light communication system.